The Likeness is in the Looking: Collected Writings by Patrick George


144 pages /  240 x 160mm
full colour illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-911408-66-6

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The Likeness is in the Looking: Collected Writings by Patrick George

  • An insight into the ideas and methods of painting both from the landscape and likeness (portrait painting) by a highly respected artist who had close links with William Coldstream, Euan Uglow and the figurative artists working from the 1940s to the early 21st century.
  • The lecture notes for his Slade lecture in the mid-60s show the direction that contemporary observational painting was taking at that time.
  • Diary notes have the quality of actual experience, the difficulties of painting outside in the landscape, and have a poetic quality to them.

This book of collected  writings by Patrick George, artist and Professor of Fine Art at the Slade School includes his private thoughts on painting from the landscape, his ideas for  teaching the  course which he ran for many years at the Slade, why and what to teach and how it related to contemporary art  and to the history of art.

It includes extracts from his notebooks – which he used for more than 70 years to record his thoughts on the ‘whole business’ of painting and drawing – and his notes for a lecture given at the Slade on Likeness, articles on his method of working and published essays on drawing and painting written for catalogues.