Michael Sandle: Works on Paper


180 pages / 300 x 250mm
ISBN 978-1-911408-90-1

Authors: Jon Wood with a foreword by John McEwen


The artist Michael Sandle (b. 1936) is well known for his powerful and uncompromising sculptures such as A Twentieth Century Memorial (1971-78), The Drummer (1985) and Iraq: The Sound of Your Silence (2009). Sandle has also been a very prolific draughtsman over the years, making a large number of prints and drawings, both in relation to his sculpture and also apart from it.

This new publication looks closely at his works on paper across his whole career. It presents his two-dimensional work from his early years whilst training at Douglas School of Art (1951-54), at the Slade School of Art (1956-59), where he studied painting and printing, and at the Atelier Patris in Paris (1960), right up to the present day. Alongside lithographs and etchings, it shows pages from his sketchbooks and many medium and larger format drawings.

The book begins with a new and extensive ‘in conversation’ conducted between Sandle and the art historian and curator Jon Wood that looks in detail at the interconnected lives led by his prints, drawings and sculptures over the last sixty years. Their discussion focusses on the materials and techniques the artist has used, as well as on the subjects, concerns and contexts of this extraordinary body of work.