Edward Stott: A Master of Colour and Atmosphere



  • Contains full colour illustrations of better-known works and rarely or previously unseen works.
  • Offers a complete history of his career and life, which draws on the Stott Archive and comprehensive material from the London art world at the time.
  • Highlights the part he played in adding to the history of landscape painting, and the sub-genre of rural images, through his exhibiting career with the New English Art Club and New Gallery.
  • Brings into focus his later works, which have rarely been discussed.

Spanning over thirty years, this is the first monograph of Edward Stott’s artistic career.

 This is a long overdue monograph dedicated to the life and work of Edward Stott, A.R.A., who was born in Rochdale and died in Amberley, West Sussex. Tracing his artistic journey from his days as a student in Paris, to his exhibiting career in London, Stott’s under researched contribution to the history of British landscape painting and images of rural life, is fully explored.

Stott’s work matured from his early days as a Rustic Naturalist and his experimentation with Impressionism, eventually finding his own ‘signature’ style and defining subject matter during his time with the New English Art Club and the New Gallery. Achieving regular patronage, and exhibiting on a consistent basis, Stott’s work began to achieve critical attention which increased over time, as well as bringing him international recognition. In 1906, he finally achieved the status of Associate of the Royal Academy. These factors should have ensured Stott’s position within the existing history of British art, but this has not been the case. Therefore, apart from examining his life and a comprehensive assessment of his work, this publication seeks to re-insert him into that history and to place him alongside some of his contemporaries who have received more art historical recognition.