David Mankin: Remembering in Paint


Author: Kate Reeve-Edwards
176 pages /  270 x 230mm
ISBN: 978-1-911408-87-1



I have seen his status rise significantly in the art world and his reputation confirmed as one of the most exciting Abstract Expressionist painters to emerge in recent years. I have curated exhibitions in Cornwall for the last 24 years and rarely, if ever, have I seen an artist create more of a devoted following than David Mankin. His unique perspective on the Cornish landscape manages to provoke more depth of feel­ing, emotion, and excitement amongst art collectors and admirers, than most other artists I know. (Sarah Brittain-Mansbridge, Director, Cornwall Contemporary Gallery)

David Mankin is a contemporary painter of abstract landscapes based in Cornwall. A series of sell-out shows and a fast-expanding international following has generated widespread interest in how Mankin creates his evocative paintings. David Mankin: Remembering in paint explores his creative process in detail providing the reader access to the sources and influences that inform his work.

Reeve-Edwards looks into Mankin’s continually evolving studio practice: his sources, both external and internal, his methods, tools, and his materials. She places Mankin’s work and approach to painting within the wider context of the Action Painters and Abstract Expressionists of the mid-century, as well as exploring Mankin’s individual approach to abstract painting.

Through its pages the reader can gain a remarkable insight into the artist’s work, process, and his profound attachment to the Cornish landscape.