Ben Jones: Slate Landscapes


80 pages / 165 x 200mm landscape
ISBN: 978-1-911408-52-9


Ben Jones: Slate Landscapes
With an introduction by Nicholas Usherwood

  • First book on this sculptor
  • Will appeal to those interested in twenty-first century British art and sculpture
  • Landscape sculpture truly unique

 An illustrated selection of sculptures by the artist Ben Jones using fractured Welsh slate to compose intimate landscape artworks with an introduction by Nicholas Usherwood.

Ben Jones’ sculptures evoke the dynamic of mountain ranges using carved and assembled tectonic like forms to create layered valleys and summits. The use of Welsh slate with its almost mystical riven cleavage has permitted the sculptor to envisage three dimensional vistas overlaying and buttressing alignments. The tightly compressed space contained within each piece offers a depth of perspective to the sculpture unexperienced before. The use of cut and broken surface overlapping as mountain peaks and plunging valleys find new expression in stone carving, giving the practice new energy.

‘Sculpture is out of time with the present cultural medley which is largely indifferent to older contemplative art forms. One always hopes to bring it back to life with greater intensity and sensibility. I try to work more directly with material, in the present, relying on that communication between, hand, heart and eye to excite, and move.’