Tessa Newcomb’s Paris


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Paintings and text by Tessa Newcomb
Edited by Philip Vann


Capturing the enchantment of Paris

Artist Tessa Newcomb’s new book explores her love of Paris in words and paint – ‘a more leisurely Paris with fewer cars, less noise and stress’ – with elegant ladies walking their dogs, one large and one small, children playing on the carousels in the Tuileries, devotees of boule and chess in the Luxembourg, bars and cafés, hidden squares, shuttered windows, glimpses of interiors, strolling nuns, mysterious courtyards seen through half-open doors.

‘I  want to do a present-day Atget.  Seeing his wonderfully evocative photographs of Paris in the early twentieth-century made me want to revisit  this magical city, to find those hidden places still to be explored.’

Around 100 oils and watercolour drawings, lovingly painted in the past few years, offer a wonderful visual record of her wanderings in the by-ways of Paris.

A world away from Tessa’s Suffolk, this is a jewel of a book to bring back treasured memories or to spur a visit.

Also from Sansom & Company: Tessa Newcomb’s  An Adorable Plot and Tessa Newcomb, a profile of the artist by Philip Vann.

ISBN 978-1-908326-53-9

220mm x 155mm
96 pages with colour illustrations throughout