Tessa Newcomb: Where I belong


Publication October 2021

270 x 210mm / softback

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‘We all have places we are attached to. Some of us can’t get to theirs. When I have been away, or something has happened, or every day, I go for my usual walk. I see what changes have taken place. I want to feel safe; I want to belong. I call it ‘the beating of the bounds’.’ (Tessa Newcomb)

In her latest book, Tessa Newcomb Tessa has collated observations of ten places of particular importance to her. From the Waveney Valley and the East Anglian Fens, through to her personal homelife, allotment and local farmer’s markets, her works are accompanied by a lively and personal narrative, in which Tessa considers what each place means to her.

As I look at the roadside verges I can feel as my mother [Mary Newcomb] felt when she walked similar roads … visiting the brave yellow horned poppies which quiver on our bleak beaches which to me are places that offer themselves without expecting anything back … All happen to be in East Anglia which is where I belong.’