Rhonda Whitehead


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Rhonda Whitehead

210 x 210mm
ISBN: 978-1-908326-75-1

‘I begin as I always do carefully sketching in the image which allows me to distinguish the lines and areas of colour. A painstaking task over many hours and sometimes days. Overtime, I change my mind many times and go through several erasers always notating everything carefully soon realizing the painting as a whole and finished piece.’  RW 2012

A collection of four essays about this established artist, and profusely illustrated with Whitehead’s work from three series of paintings – Water, Rock and Erosion.


1.       Artist’s biography.   Rhonda Whitehead

2.       ‘Rhonda Whitehead’ by Sarah Kent. Ikon Gallery 1998

3.      ‘Structured Patterns in Nature’ by Margaret Garlake. Np. 1998

4.       ‘Goodbye Oz’ by Richard Crawford. Unpub. 2013

5.       ‘Art: selected works of Rhonda Whitehead’ by Annie Forbes. Varsity 15th May  2014

6.       Personal statement by the artist