Colour from Coast to Coast: Alice Mumford


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‘I delight in the mark-making of Alice Mumford. Her brush strokes animate the surface of paper, canvas and board. These brush strokes,

laden with colour, focus on the ways in which colour intensifies the expression of light falling on any surface. The light of day is a basic

and integral part of Creation. Alice Mumford sees it as a blessing. She knows full well that it has the capacity to reveal the innate nature

of visual reality. It transforms our concept of the temporal passage of time to lead us to the consideration of the eternal timespace.

Alice Mumford should be regarded as a gifted choreographer. Her chosen objects are certainly not still. They have a shimmering

quality suggesting almost imperceptible movement.

Professor Richard Demarco

Alice Mumford’s focus on paint, colour and light, along with her predominant subject matter of still life, place her in a tradition that includes Bonnard and Winifred Nicholson.

Born in 1965, Mumford trained at Camberwell School of Art and later at Falmouth College of Art. For the past fifteen years or so, she has lived and worked in Cornwall, where alongside her studio practice she also teaches at the St Ives School of Painting. This first -ever monograph traces the development of the artist’s work and describes her passionate commitment to painting from life.

255 x 210mm
ISBN:  978-1-908326-67-6