A Century in Print 1920-2020: The Golder-Thompson Gift


136pp / 210 x 148mm
ISBN 978-1-911408-94-9
Publication February 2022

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Publication early 2022
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  •  Charting a century of printmaking from 1920 to the present day
  • Richly illustrated featuring the work of fifty artists, including F.L. Griggs, Graham Sutherland, Howard Hodgkin, Gillian Ayres, Anish Kapoor and Ann Christopher
  • With glossary and bibliography it is a great introduction to prints and printmaking, as well as a useful addition to the print collector’s library.

Drawing on the rich printmaking history of North Wiltshire, A Century in Print is a celebration of this often overlooked artform. Stemming from The Golder-Thompson Gift in memory of Arthur Norman to Chippenham Museum, this amazing collection of prints focuses on three key moments from the modern history of printmaking, each mirrored by a chapter in the book: Robin Tanner and the etching revival of the 1920s, the artists of the Bath Academy of Art at Corsham and the artist print in the post war period and the contemporary printmaking of the Ink On Paper Press. As well as a history of modern and contemporary print, it also documents the social history of the creative communities of North Wiltshire, based around Chippenham Museum.