Claudia Williams: An Intimate Acquaintance


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Harry Heuser & Robert Meyrick

Figurative artist Claudia Williams paints what she knows from intimate acquaintance. Family, fellowship and faith – these are the values to which she gives expression in her work. In a career spanning seven decades thus far, she has managed to be constant and yet retain a youthful vigour and enthusiasm. Williams communicates her understanding and concretizes her love of the everyday through the vibrancy of her palette, the solidity of forms and the open narratives in which we are invited to partake. Her themes are universal, but her interpretations of them are profoundly personal. Raising four children, living, travelling and working alongside her artist husband Gwilym Prichard in Wales, Greece, England and France, Williams has observed, drawn and painted what catches her mind’s eye: domestic scenes, social gatherings and the young at play. She is continually curious about the lives of others around her and concerned about the threats to humanity and to our individual, spiritual wellbeing. This book provides a closer look at Williams’ artistic development and influences, her decorative use of textures and patterns, as well as her varying approaches to subjects that so unvaryingly convey a feeling of amity and compassion.


ISBN  978-1-908326-46-1
260 x 210mm