Painting the Polar North


Painting the Polar North: Arctic Paintings by Lesley Burr

Authors: Colin Greenslade, Charlotte Connelly, Alison Harper



76 pages / 240 x 210mm
Softback / £18
ISBN: 978-1-915670-04-5

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Each one of Lesley’s works feels like a singular, concentrated revelation … In her approach to painting nature Lesley doesn’t just illustrate what she sees of the landscape – she surrenders to it.
Alison Harper, Artistic Director, Essential School of Painting

Award-winning artist Lesley Burr came to prominence as part of the 1980s ‘Glasgow Girls’ group that emerged from the Glasgow School of Art. This book, and a linked exhibition, arise from a revelatory artist’s residency in the Canadian Arctic that Lesley undertook in 2019.

Over 50 stunning colour reproductions of Lesley’s Arctic works, plus perceptive texts by the book’s contributors, let Lesley share her responses to the trip and her widerpreoccupation with the natural world. Of the residency she says: ‘The opportunity to view the Arctic landscape and nature at first hand, and to meet Inuit artists and communities, has been a catalyst for a period of prolific creativity that has also highlighted the climate crisis impacting the environment, communities and nature across the world.’