Keywords of Nineteenth-Century Art

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Christine Lindey

A fresh approach to the study of the theory and practice of the century’s fine art.  Fifty key art terms provide a context for copious contemporary quotations from artists, critics, writers and thinkers.  The book thus avoids the hackneyed definition of major movements and artists’ groups, and instead discusses these through a rich diversity of attitudes to each keyword: those, for example, of the Romantic, Barbizon and Symbolist artists  to issues such as exhibitions, landscape, drawing and the pervasive influence of the antique.

Chosen to exemplify particular historical, geographical, socio-political and aesthetic tendencies, the quotations provide familiar pivotal figures to help guide the reader
through a highly populated and fast-changing art world.  The emphasis is on French and, to a lesser degree, British art but a range of European and North American art is also discussed.

The book provides quick reference, a rich source of quotations and an overall insight into the major preoccupations of nineteenth-century art and artists.

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