A Singular Vision: Dod Procter 1890-1972


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For a period in the 1920s Dod Procter was perhaps the most famous artist in Britain.  Her painting of a reclining young woman, Morning, caught the public imagination when the Daily Mail purchased it ‘for the nation’ from the Royal  Academy annual show in 1927.

Monumental figure paintings and sympathetic studies of the female form, from babies to young women, would be defining elements of her life’s work. But her unflinching nude paintings of pubescent girls proved problematical during her lifetime and are still controversial today. The fame, even notoriety, of her nude studies have tended to obscure the importance of Dod’s other great pre-occupation – the painting of still lifes.  Drawing on the flora in and around her Newlyn cottage, she painted exquisite flower studies, many of which are reproduced in this book.

Elected an RA, Dod’s great ambition was to have a major Royal Academy retrospective.  This was not to be, as by the time of her death in 1972 artistic fashion had changed and Dod Procter’s work was out of favour.  Only now is critical attention focussing again on her work, a process which has been accelerated by the publication of this timely book.

ISBN 978-1-904537-78-6
270 x 210mm
144 pages
32 colour and 55 black & white illustrations