Patrick Reyntiens: Catalogue of Stained Glass

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Patrick Reyntiens: Catalogue of Stained Glass

Libby Horner
with a preface by Sir Roy Strong and introduction by Frances Spalding

Vigorous, stimulating, humorous, contemplative, intellectual, imaginative, innovative … Patrick Reyntiens  is still producing magnificent stained glass in his late eighties.  Britain’s foremost stained glass designer is especially known for his glass at Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral and his work at Coventry Cathedral in collaboration with John Piper.

This scholarly, beautifully illustrated book, designed and written by Libby Horner, catalogues not only all Reyntiens’ 98 commissions over the past 60 or so years (including the famous Piper/Reyntiens collaborations) but also over 600 autonomous panels.  The range of work, from traditional to abstract to figurative, and the range of subject matter from religious themes to Ovid’s Metamorphoses to commedia dell’arte is truly inspiring and guaranteed to captivate even the most sceptical.

The book includes a preface by Sir Roy Strong, an introduction by Frances Spalding and an afterword by the artist himself, a glossary of terms, notes on recurring themes and symbolism, a tabulated biography and an extensive bibliography.

Dr Libby Horner is an authority on the work of Patrick Reyntiens and has made films about his and John Piper’s stained glass.    Another major area of research is the artist Frank Brangwyn with the author’s book on his 1914-1918 war work due for publication by Sansom & Company in 2014.   Dr Horner contributed to British Murals & Decorative Painting 1920-1960 which Sansom & Company published earlier this year.


ISBN: 978-1-908326-48-5
Format: 280 x 210mm
352pp,  with colour illustrations throughout


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