Cornish Light

£ 19.95
Cornish Light

Cornish Light: The Nottingham 1894 Exhibition Revisited

Nottingham City Museums and Galleries, David Tovey, Sarah Skinner

270 x 210mm
80 full colour plates
ISBN 978-9-908326-70-6

In September 1894, Nottingham Castle Museum opened a stunning exhibition of contemporary art from Cornwall. This ‘Special Exhibition of Cornish Painters of Newlyn, St Ives, Falmouth etc.’ was the first comprehensive exhibition to show the new art being produced in Cornwall, ranging from humorous images of fisher folk to melodramatic scenes of life and death, on and by the sea, from contemplative landscape to evocative seascape. It consisted of over 220 works by 50 artists and filled the entire top floor of the museum. Most of the works were oils, many of them on a large, exhibition scale and several that had made an impact at international art exhibitions, from Paris to Chicago.

The book accompanies the exhibition Cornish Light at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery and at Penlee House Museum and Art Gallery, Penzance which brings together works included in the 1894 exhibition or closely associated with it.

  • The catalogue draws on a wealth of unpublished material from the Nottingham City Museums and Galleries archives, including original artist’s correspondence, press reviews and records of the opening of the exhibition.


Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery was opened in 1878 by Albert,  Prince of Wales and attracted great attention and acclaim as the first publicly funded (i.e. Local Authority) art museum.


David Tovey is an independent art historian, specialising in Cornish Art.He has curated a number of exhibitions and written several books on Cornish Art including W H Y Titcomb: A Newlyner in St Ives, W H Y Titcomb: Bristol, Venice and the Continental Tours, Creating a Splash – The St Ives Society of Artists – the First Twenty-Five Years (1927 – 1952) and Pioneers of St Ives at Home and Abroad (1889-1914)

Sarah Skinner is an independent curator and former Keeper of Art at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries. She has been involved with numerous exhibitions and publications connected with the Nottingham collections including Picturing Britain: Paul Sandby (1731-1809) and Coasting: Turner and Bonington on the Shores of the Channel.

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